The Band


Demon Pact rose from the ashes of Fenris Wolf which featured Alan, Richard and Donald together with drummer Phil Wickenden in late 1979.  Fenris Wolf was formed as the result of a school play in which the 4 played together at Hayes School, Bromley Kent in the summer of 1979.

In the summer of 1981 Alan was replaced by Roy Bridle and late in the year Donald was replaced by Mark Maxwell.

In the history of bands there are always the unsung heros who contribute far more than they ever receive credit for.  Five such people who must be thanked, even if it’s 30 years to late are. Pete Cronin, who not only took all the photos that exist of the band but I suspect had a hand in the review we received in Kerang.  Sally Jones, for constant trips to various rehearsal studios and gigs and also, if my memory serves me correctly, single-handedly, cut and glued over a thousand single covers together.  John (Cranky) Cooney who spent his hard earned cash on a Bedford Van to ferry us back and forth to gigs.  Chris Harris for artwork which has stood the test of time.  And last but by no means least Paul Pelletier who lent his considerable knowledge and extensive credit facilities to the formation of our record label, publishing company, the production of the single and the digital preservation of the original 2 track master tapes... Way to go guys....

All Photography: Pete Cronin

Roy Bridle who replaced Alan on bass in the summer of 1981